Increase the Event Batch Size

The batch size can be increased to reduce the frequency that source computers send their data. Use the command syntax in the shown example to configure batch size.

This example sets the batch size to 10,000.
wecutil ss sub_name /cf:Events /ree:false /dmi:10000 /cm:custom



Sets the events to deliver for the subscription. VALUE can be true or false.

  • When VALUE is true, all existing events are read from the subscription event sources.
  • When VALUE is false, only future (arriving) events are delivered.

The default is true when /ree is specified without a value, and the default is false if /ree is not specified.


The maximum number of items for batched delivery in the event subscription. This option is only valid if the /cm parameter is set to Custom.


The configuration mode of the event subscription. CONFIGURATION_MODE can be one of the following strings:

  • Normal
  • Custom
  • MinLatency
  • MinBandwidth

The EC_SUBSCRIPTION_CONFIGURATION_MODE enumeration defines the configuration modes. The /dm, /dmi, /hi and /dmlt parameters can only be specified if the configuration mode is set to Custom.