Dashboard and Reports

Reporting includes several high level dashboards that summarize the Privilege Management events.

Summary Dashboard Displays bar charts for the most important activity that has occurred in the selected time period. Typically this information can result in Workstyle changes or investigation of anomalies. The charts allow you to view details when you click on an Action, either on a chart or in the legend. The bar charts are separated by Windows and Mac Events by Action.
Discovery Dashboard

Summarizes all the unique applications discovered. It differentiates between those that used elevated privileges and those that ran with standard privileges. The Discovery reports display the data from different angles such as by the location of the executable or the type of the executable.

These dashboards only show new application items in the chosen time interval. For example, the Discovery dashboard can answer the question what’s new this week and how is it affecting my users?

Actions Dashboard Summarizes audited items categorized by the type of action taken. This allows you to focus on the topic of interest. For example, elevation or blocking. The Actions reports show audits only of the selected type (Elevated, Blocked, Passive, Canceled, Other).
Target Types Dashboard Shows all the Privilege Management activity over the specified time interval by target type. The Target TypesAll report lists the targets in tabular form sorted by user count. The subheadings below the Target Types dashboard link filter the dashboard to show audits only of the selected type (Applications, Services, COM, Remote PowerShell, ActiveX, All).
Trusted Application Protection Dashboard Summarizes all the Trusted Application Protection incidents. Incidents are defined as a child process blocked from running because it matched the rules in the Trusted Application Protection policy or a DLL blocked from loading by a Trusted Application because it did not have a trusted owner or trusted publisher.
Workstyles Dashboard

Summarizes all the Privilege Management Workstyle usage, including coverage statistics. The dashboard includes a report called All that lists the total number of different action types each Workstyle controlled. The dashboard allows analysis from the perspective of a specific Workstyle.

  • User Experience: Summarizes how users interacted with messages, challenge / response dialog boxes and the shell integration in a specified time range.
  • Privileged Logons: Provides a number of reports relating to logon events and the type of user, for example administrator and standard user.
  • Privileged Account Protection: Summarizes any audited attempts to modify privileged accounts.
Deployments Dashboard Summarizes Privilege Management Client deployments. The report shows the versions of Privilege Management that are currently installed across the organization. It includes asset information about endpoints such as operating system and default language to assist with Workstyle targeting.
Requests Dashboard Summarizes information about user requests raised over the specific time frame. A blocked message with a reason entered or a canceled challenge / response message is a request.
Events Dashboard Summarizes information about the types of events raised in the specified time frame. It also shows the time elapsed since a host raised an event.