Endpoint Privilege Management Reporting Dashboard Guide

Endpoint Privilege Management Reporting includes a rich set of dashboards and reports designed to simplify the centralized management and auditing of Endpoint Privilege Management activity throughout the desktop and server estate.

A dashboard is a report, that at the top level, presents you with a series of charts and summarized data. Some dashboards have sub-reports that are presented as charts or tabular data.

This guide explains each of the dashboards in Endpoint Privilege Management Reporting, and the reports and event data accessible from each view.

Reporting Concepts

There are several concepts in Reporting that are described here.

Dashboards, Tables, and Reports

  • A dashboard is anything in Reporting where visual charts are displayed.
  • A table is anything in Reporting that has a tabular format.
  • A report is a dashboard or a table. It is a generic term used to describe any form of data displayed in Reporting.


Drilldown is a user action in a report in which you click on a link to see the data at a greater level of granularity.


Permalink refers to a link at the bottom of most reports that generates a unique URL that allows someone else to view that exact page once they login.

Operating Systems

All dashboards have a Microsoft Windows view to display events from Windows endpoints. Some dashboards and reports also have a macOS view.