Configure the Privilege Management Reporting Staging Registered Server

If this is an upgrade, and you do not have a registered server for BeyondTrust Privilege Management Reporting Staging, the server tasks attempt to use the Reporting registered server. Please see Configure the BeyondTrust Reporting Registered Server. This is for backwards compatibility and additional permissions are required.

The screen shot shows example data.


    The screen shot shows example data for configuring the registered server.

  1. Log in to ePolicy Orchestrator, navigate to Menu > Configuration > Registered Servers, and click New Server.
  2. On the next page, select BeyondTrust Privilege Management Reporting Staging from the Server type dropdown menu and enter an appropriate name (BeyondTrust Staging Server, for example). Click Next.
  3. Complete the configuration page and click Test Connection. On successful connection, click Save.