Insert Applications from Events (Event Importer)

The Privilege Management for Mac Workstyle editor allows you to add applications that have been audited by Privilege Management for Mac clients. Adding applications from events provides a simple and integrated workflow for defining rules based on real application usage.

To add an application from an event:

  1. Select the relevant Application Group.
  2. In the right pane, select Actions > Add Apps From Events. The Events page appears.
  3. Use the filters and search box to locate an audited application or scroll through the available audited applications.
  4. Select an application and click Add Application(s) to Group.
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until all desired applications have been added.
  6. Click Finish to exit and return to the Application Group.

Insert Applications from Events page

The Events page includes the following filters:

  • Preset Add: Create a new custom filter that can be saved and then selected from the Preset dropdown list.
  • Preset Delete: Delete the currently selected preset.
  • New Apps Only: If checked, the list is filtered on those apps where the Date First Recorded is within the Date Executed range.
  • Preset Edit: Create and edit custom filters that are saved and can be selected from the Preset dropdown menu.
  • Preset: Select any previously created custom filters in addition to the standard time filters provided.
  • Quick Find Column: A selection of default quick filters.
  • Quick Find: Enter text to find applications. Entered text will match against the Quick Find Column selection. For example, to filter on a specific username, click User from the Quick Find Column, type the username in the Quick Find box, and then click Apply.
  • Database: Toggles between searching the Reporting database and the ePO database.
  • Hide: Hide applications already added to apps in current group or apps in any group.

Once the search criteria has been entered, the page will automatically return a list of unique applications that were audited, matching the criteria you specified. From here you can browse the list.

Once the applications have been added to the Application Group, you can edit the definitions. All definitions will be prepopulated with values collected from the application.

For queries which are taking a long time to execute, the Cancel Query button can be clicked if you wish to cancel the query.

A unique application is based on the Product Description of the application. So if two or more audited applications share the same Product Description, they will be displayed as a single application.