"Discovery by Path" Report in Privilege Management for Mac

This table displays all distinct applications installed within certain locations that have been discovered during the specified time frame.

For Windows the locations are:

  • System: C:\Windows\
  • Program Files: C:\Program Files\,C:\Program Files (x86)\
  • User Profiles: C:\Users

For macOS the locations are:

  • User Profiles: /Users/%
  • Applications: /Applications/%,/usr/%
  • Operating System Areas: /System/%,/bin/%,/sbin/%

The paths can be altered using the filter panel.

New applications, by path, first reported over the last <time period>

This table groups the applications by path. You can click the plus icon to expand the path to show each individual application. You can view additional information about the application, their type, version, and the number of users using them. You can click the description to see in depth information about the application.