Endpoint Privilege Management for Mac Administration

Endpoint Privilege Management for Mac combines privilege management and application control technology in a single lightweight agent. This scalable solution allows global organizations to eliminate admin rights across the entire business.

Actionable intelligence is provided by an enterprise class reporting solution with endpoint analysis, dashboards, and trend data for auditing and compliance.

Achieve Least Privilege on Mac

There are many functions that require an admin account to run. While most Mac users typically use an admin account to gain the flexibility they need, this represents a large security risk in the enterprise. Endpoint Privilege Management for Mac allows users to log in with standard user accounts without compromising productivity or performance, by allowing the execution of approved tasks, applications and installations as required, according to the rules of your policy.

Empower Users and Gain Control

Allow and block the use and installation of specific binaries, packages, and bundles. By taking a simple and pragmatic approach to allowlisting, you can gain greater control of applications in use across the business. This immediately improves security by preventing untrusted applications from executing.

Unlock Privileged Activity

Even privileged applications and tasks that usually require admin rights are able to run under a standard user account. With Endpoint Privilege Management for Mac, you can unlock approved system preferences such as date and time, printers, network settings, and power management without needing admin credentials.

Take a Pragmatic Approach with Broad Rules

Broad catch-all rules provide a solid foundation, with exception handling options to handle unknown activity. Define the application and set its identification options such as filename, hash, publisher, or URI. Then assign the application to the users who require enhanced rights and set up any additional options, such as end user messaging and auditing.

Achieve Compliance

You will have the knowledge to discover, monitor, and manage user activity from the entire enterprise, drawing upon actionable intelligence to make informed decisions. Graphical dashboards with real-time data will provide a broad range of reports to aid troubleshooting and provide the information you need to proactively manage your policy on an ongoing basis.

Apply Corporate Branding

You can add your own branding to messages and prompts, with reusable messaging templates that make it easy to improve the end user experience. You have control over text configuration.

Customizable Messaging

Working seamlessly with macOS, Endpoint Privilege Management for Mac can suppress standard, restrictive messages and allows you to create your own customized authorization prompts to handle exceptions and enable users to request access. Set up access request reasons, challenge / response codes, or password protection to add additional security layers, or simply improve prompts to reduce helpdesk inquiries.

Simple, Familiar Policy Design

Firewall-style rules based on Application Groups make set up and management simple. Using the same Endpoint Privilege Management interface and client as for Windows, you can create flexible Workstyles based on the requirements of individuals and groups of users.