Create the PMC Application in the Azure AD Tenant

To create the PMC application:

  1. Ensure you are in the correct Active Directory tenant. You can check and change this from the top right menu.
  2. From the left menu, click Azure Active Directory.

New app registration

  1. Click App registrations to display the App registrations panel.
  2. On the App registrations panel, click New registration.


  1. Enter the Name as PMC Portal.
  2. Leave the default Application Type as Web.
  3. Enter the following string for the Redirect-URL and replace the <DNSofSSLCertificate> with the DNS you're using.
  4. Click Create to finish creating the PMC portal application.
  5. Enter a second reply URL to the application. Click Authentication to add the following string below the first one. Replace the <DNSofSSLCertificate> with the DNS you're using.
  6. Click Save.

Generate a Key for your Application

Generate a key for your PMC application if you are using LDAPS to authenticate. Once you generate a key, you will not be able to access it again in the portal so you must write it down at time of creation.

To generate a key for the PMC application:

  1. Click Azure Active Directory > App registrations. If your application doesn't display, click All applications.
  2. Click your PMC application that you created previously, and then Certificates & secrets.

Add a description and expiration period

  1. Click New client secret.
  2. Enter a description for your client secret and set the expiration date. If your key expires you cannot authenticate.


  1. Click Add to see and copy your key value.


Record the key for your PMC application. You need the key for the Authentication tab of the PMC deployment wizard.

Obtain the GUID for your Portal Application

Select the PMC application you created. The Application ID is the GUID for your PMC application.


Record the Application ID for your PMC portal application. You need the ID for the Authentication tab of the PMC deployment wizard.