You need to complete a number of prerequisites before you start to deploy PMC.

Mutual Authentication

PMC can only manage endpoints over networks that support mutual authentication. If a Web Application Firewall (WAF) is used in your PMC deployment, then the WAF must support mutual authentication.

Deployment Attributes

Deploy PMC to Azure using a PowerShell script. You need to supply several arguments to the script, some of which you will collect during the deployment process.

We recommend you open a text editor such as Windows Notepad now, so you can make note of these arguments as you acquire them. You will gather the following attributes as part of the prerequisites.
  • DNS Name of SSL certificate
  • Microsoft Azure subscription ID
  • Azure Location
  • Azure Directory ID
  • PMC Application User
  • PMC Application Key

For a full list of arguments in alphabetical order, please see Azure Parameters Required for the Deployment Script.