Force Policy Updates

End users working on either Windows or macOS computers can update policy on their computers without administrator assistance.

Force Update Policy for Windows End Users

End users are able to force a policy update to their computer from the system tray. This feature allows the end-user to request a new policy from their desktop, thus significantly reducing the time it takes to update a policy.

  1. In the system tray, click the Privilege Management icon.
  2. Click Check for Policy Update.

A notification appears with Update Finished to notify the user that a policy update has been applied to the client.

A notification appears with No Updates Found if the current policy is already up to date.

A notification appears with Unable to Check for Updates if the computer is unable to reach the management platform.

Force Update Policy for macOS End Users

A user can check whether a new policy is available. If it is, then the new policy is downloaded and applied. The immediate availability of a new policy is useful when you have an issue that requires a policy update, without the necessity of waiting for a poll to pull in a new one.

Refresh all Policies menu item image

To refresh all policies, select the Privilege Management for Mac menu bar icon, and select Refresh all Policies.

If a newer policy is found, it is downloaded and applied immediately.

A message confirming the successful update appears. The new policy revision date also appears in the dropdown menu as Last updated.