Add Application Using App Definitions

When adding an application, you can configure the following properties:

  • Application Definitions: The application definitions are the properties of an application that are used to detect the application in your environment. When the application matches on the configured criteria the rule triggers.
  • Advanced Options: When adding the application, advanced settings on child processes and standard user rights enforcement can be configured.

When adding file or folder paths, you can use environment variables as part of the entry. Using environment variables is optional.

The procedure for adding an application is generally the same for every application. The matching criteria varies depending on the application.

To add an application:

  1. In the navigation pane, select the Application Group.
  2. Click Create New Application, and then select the application type.
  3. Enter a description in the Application Description box. Any value can be added here up to a maximum limit of 1024 characters. The description is not used in rule matching.
  4. From the list of application definitions, configure the matching criteria.
  5. (Optional) Configure the Advanced Options:
    • Allow child processes will match this application definition
    • Force standard user rights on File Open/Save common dialogs
  6. Click OK.