Add Application From Analytics

You can add an application to a policy based on events generated from a particular application type.

Supported event types include:

  • Process
  • Process with File
  • COM Class
  • Service
  • ActiveX
  • Challenge Response Failed

You can select more than one event in the list to add to the same policy. The matching criteria for all selected and compatible events are added to the policy and application group selected.

To add events to a policy:

  1. In the console, select Analytics from the menu.
  2. Click Events.
  3. Select one or more events in the list and click the Add to Policy icon. A message displays if you try to add unsupported event types when selecting more than one event.

Policy Editor add event to policy from the Events page

  1. On the Add Applications to Policy page, select a policy and an application group.
  2. Click Add and Edit. Alternatively, click Add and Close here which adds the application to the Application Group and redirects you back to the report.


Application matching criteria page in the EPM policy editor

  1. The policy opens to the Application Groups > Applications page where you can edit the application settings. If you are adding one application, then you are directed to the application matching criteria page as shown.