Manage Software

View Software Managed by BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux

The Settings > Software page lists the software managed by BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux. Basic information includes:

  • Product name
  • Visual indication the software is present (green dot) or not (gray dot)
  • Version currently installed
  • Location of the software

Click the Refresh icon to update the list.

View Software Details

On the Settings > Software page, you can get more detailed information for each software product listed. To view details on specific software, at the far right of the software listing, click the vertical ellipsis menu icon, and then select View Details. The Installers side panel appears at the right of the software product table. The panel list is scrollable.

Sofware product installers details panel

To view details for a different product, click the vertical ellipsis on that product's row. The Installers side panel displays the new product information.

To close the panel, at the top-right of the panel, click the X button.

Upload Software Packages

You can upload Privilege Management for Unix and Linux and AD Bridge software packages on the Software page.

For more information, please see Upload Software at

Privilege Management for Unix and Linux Installation Templates

Use installation templates to apply different components to a PMUL server.

There are templates available that are ready-only:

  • All components
  • License Server only
  • Policy and Log Server
  • Submit and Run Host Only
  • Primary Registry Server and All Components

Apply an installation template when running the Host Actions wizard for a PMUL install.

For more information, please see Install the Privilege Management for Unix and Linux Policy Server.

Create an Installation Template

You can create a custom installation template. For example, you might want a template to only install the log server feature. Create a template called Log Server and select only Install Log Server.

You can select an existing template and click Clone to start with a base configuration for a new template.

To create an installation template:

  1. Select Settings > Software.
  2. Click the Privilege Management for Unix and Linux vertical ellipsis menu icon, and then select Manage Installation Templates.
  3. Click Add New Template.
  4. Enter a meaningful name for the template, and then click Create.
  5. Select the template options. The template settings are automatically saved.