RNS Deployment with BIUL

This document outlines the use of BeyondInsight for Unix & Linux (BIUL) to deploy and manage an Endpoint Privilege Management for Unix and Linux (EPM-UL) installation using the Registry Name Service (RNS) and Client Registration Profiles (CRP). Additionally, it provides an overview of Policy Management and configuration.

A minimum deployment of RNS can involve just a single host, but to better illustrate features and BIUL integration, this guide provides a more robust example.

The objective of this document is to deploy an RNS network using CRP that utilizes synchronized role-based policies with policy and log server redundancy. All required keys are managed by the system and REST connectivity with BIUL is established automatically.

This document assumes that BIUL has been deployed and that it has access to EPM-UL 10.3 or greater. It further assumes general working understanding of EPM-UL and BIUL.