Configure local AD connector

Configure Active Directory (AD) to discover AD groups in your estate. The Policy Editor queries the Active Directory to populate the group information when adding account filters or designated users.

To configure Local AD search for policies:

  1. Click Configuration and select the Local AD Configuration menu item:

Configure the local AD connector in BT PM App.

  1. Provide the following information:
    • LDAP Server URL: The LDAP connection string which starts with the prefix LDAP:// combined with the domain controller in the domain.
    • Base DN: The base distinguished name (Base DN) identifies the entry in the directory from which searches initiated by LDAP.
    • User DN: The user distinguished name (User DN) and the correct password serve as authentication allowing the application access to populate data in the Policy Editor. For example:
    • CN=JeffSmith,OU=Sales,DC=Fabrikam,DC=COM

    • Password: Valid password matching the provided user name in User DN.
  2. Click Test Connection to ensure the connection is successful.
  3. Click Save.