Create a Password Safe Cloud Connector

You can connect Identity Security Insights to both cloud and on-premises instances of Password Safe to automatically scan for associated accounts and track your organization’s identities in summarized visualizations.

For Password Safe 24.1.1 and newer releases, when an Identity Security Insights connector installation key is enabled in Password Safe, discovery scan events are forwarded from the event service to Identity Security Insights. This provides visibility into possible attack paths, identity-based threats, and identity hygiene issues.

Create a New Password Safe Cloud Connector in Identity Security Insights

  1. Ensure you've registered your API in BeyondInsight.
  2. Ensure you've created a user, and assigned that user to a properly-provisioned group, within Password Safe.
  3. In Identity Security Insights, navigate to your Tenant dashboard.
  4. In the header, click Menu > Connectors.
    The Connectors page displays with the Configured tab open by default.
  5. Click the Available tab.
    All available connector types display.
  6. Locate Password Safe Cloud in the list.
  7. Click + Create Connector.
    The Create Password Safe Cloud Connector panel displays.

Panel to Create Password Safe Cloud Connector in Insights.

  1. Click Create Connector.
    An installation key displays for the connector.
  2. Copy the installation key.
    Do not close the connector before you have enabled it in Password Safe in the below steps.