BeyondTrust Identity Security Insights Administration Guide

BeyondTrust Identity Security Insights is a web-based application designed to assist with the challenges inherent to identity protection. Connect both BeyondTrust products and third-party service to automatically scan for associated accounts and track your organization’s identities in summarized visualizations.

The Insights console provides an organized view of all connected identity data, displaying automatic detections and research-backed security recommendations. Identify, understand, and respond to threats in a centralized and accessible dashboard, without the need to track identities and risks across multiple applications and environments. Receive updates to Identity Security Insights via BeyondTrust's continuous delivery platform, ensuring your risk assessment is up-to-date without taking your platform or connected services offline.

Provision your instance of Insights for your entire organization, and further organize your company or business entity into individual tenants, each with their own permissions, users, and third-party connections. Browse your tenant dashboards for insights into associated identities, reactive detections and alerts, and proactive security suggestions.

This administration guide is designed to walk you through initial user and tenant configuration.