Change and Filter the Record Display

You can change the information displayed on Cloud Privilege Broker pages, including the columns, filters, and grid size. You can also filter and sort the records, and select multiple records.

Set Display Preferences

You can set display preferences on the grids for Cloud Connectors and Recommendations.

Image of the five Display Grid Icons: Refresh, Download, Column Chooser, Grid Configuration, and Enlarge

  1. Above the grid, the following options and icons are available:
    • Refresh: Updates the displayed information with recent changes.
    • Download: Downloads the displayed information as a CSV file.
    • Columns Chooser: Select the columns to change the column headings and information displayed in the grid.
    • Grid Configuration: Choose the grid layout: Compact, Default, or Expanded.
    • Expand Grid: Enlarge the display area. When selected, the icon changes. It can be clicked again to Collapse Grid.

Some options are not applicable to some grids, so fewer icons may display on those grids.

  1. An option to change the number of displayed Items per page is located below the grid.
  2. The changes appear dynamically as they are selected.

Sort and Filter

To perform an alphanumeric sort of displayed records, click any column heading. For example, to sort connectors by cloud connector name, click the column heading Cloud Connector Name. Click the column heading again for a reverse sort. When a page a reloaded, the default sort (alphanumeric by first column) is used.

To limit the records displayed, you can create a filter. Filters can be created before or after sorting the records.


  1. Above the grid, there is an option to filter the records. The filter choices depend on the page. If entering a filter choice, it is not case-sensitive.
  2. After selecting a filter choice, it displays at the top of the grid. Select a value for the filter.
  3. Additional filters can be chosen. Apply as many filters as desired.

Grid filter, showing mulltiple filters selected and the option to add more.

  1. The information in the grid dynamically changes to match the selections.
  2. Filter selections persist if the page is reloaded or you leave and return to the page. To remove a filter, click the X on the filter.

Select Multiple Records

Grid display of six items, showing three selected.

To select one record, check the box at the left end of the row. To deselect a row, uncheck the box.

To select multiple records, check each row desired.

To select all displayed records, check the box at the left end of the heading row.

An item count at the left end of the heading row shows the number of records available, and the number of records selected.


Some options, such as editing a record, are not available if multiple records are selected. Some grids do not allow selecting multiple records.