View the Cloud Privilege Broker Dashboard

The Dashboard contains tiles providing status and summary information. Each tile includes a refresh icon in the upper-right. Click the refresh icon to update the displayed information. Some tiles include a question mark icon. Click the question mark icon to view more information about the tile contents.

Cloud Privilege Broker dashboard screen showing tiles and sample data.

Tiles include:

  • Risk Assessment Score: This is an aggregate score across all active connectors. The scale is 0 to 100, with 100 being high risk. To lower the score, review and complete recommendations.
  • Risk Over Time (Weekly): This graph displays the weekly risk assessment score over recent weeks.
  • Top 10 Recommendations: This list shows the Recommendation, Risk Level, Principal Name, and Principal Type for the ten highest risk items. Click any item in a row to go to the Recommendations screen and view the details for that recommendation. To view all recommendations, scroll down and click the icon in the View All Recommendations tile, or open the left menu and click Recommendations.
  • Cloud Connector Health: This list shows the number of Cloud Connectors that are Active, Failed Last Scan, and Inactive. If there are any connectors that have failed, the top of the tile displays a red bar. To investigate failed connections, scroll down and click the icon in the Create Cloud Connector tile, or open the left menu and click Cloud Connectors.
  • High Privileged Summary: This list shows the number of principals that have a high risk level, for each principal type: User, Group, Role, and Service Account.

Principals listed here do not necessarily require action or have associated recommendations. For example, a principal may have several high risk permissions, but uses all of them, and has multi-factor authentication enabled. This principal is included in the High Privileged Summary count, but as they have already enabled multi-factor authentication, there are no recommendations.

  • Principals Discovered: The number of principal accounts found in Discovery Scans.
  • Completed Recommendations (This Week): This tile displays the number of recommendations completed and remaining this week.

If you have recently created cloud connectors, some tiles may not display information. Instead, they display a message stating the information will be shown as soon as data is available.

Below the information tiles there are two tiles that link to the Recommendations page and the Cloud Connectors page. The Cloud Connectors page opens ready to add a new connector, however the add panel can be closed and other page functions accessed by clicking the close arrow in the upper-right corner of the panel, or by clicking anywhere outside of the panel.