Password Safe User Guide

Password Safe includes a web-based interface for executing password and remote session requests and approvals. You can launch the Password Safe web portal by selecting Password Safe from the left navigation menu in the BeyondInsight management console. The web portal is configured by your Password Safe administrator.

Password Safe's random password generator algorithm does not use any common phrases or dictionary words as inputs or in its generation. It selects each password character randomly from the list of allowable characters, numerals, and symbols to build the password.

A Password Safe user is authorized to log in to the Password Safe portal and perform specific tasks, as determined by the privileges assigned to that user.

Log In to the Web Portal

Your Password Safe administrator configures login credentials for the web portal. Contact your administrator if you are unsure which credentials to use. Potential authentication methods include:

  • Password Safe: Enter your Password Safe credentials and then click Login.
  • Active Directory: Enter your Active Directory credentials, select a domain from the list, and then click Login.
  • LDAP: Enter your LDAP credentials, select an LDAP server from the list, and then click Login.
  • RADIUS: Enter your Password Safe credentials and then click Login. Enter RADIUS code and then click Submit.
  • Smart Card: Select a certificate and then enter the smart card PIN.
  • SAML: Follow the procedure for your third-party authentication type.

If presented with a pre-login banner, you must click OK before you can enter your credentials.

Select a display language

The Password Safe web portal can be displayed in the following languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish

If your BeyondInsight administrator has the option enabled, you can select a language from the list on the Log In page or by clicking the Profile and preferences button, and then selecting it from the Language list.

If no languages are available, please contact your BeyondInsight administrator.