Password Safe PS_Automate Utility User Guide


The PS_Automate utility allows you to automate the launch and authentication of various Windows GUI applications from Password Safe. You can use the utility to launch and authenticate to a web page or to a standard Windows GUI application.

The utility allows Password Safe to seamlessly pass vaulted credentials from Password Safe to a remote application using the pass through option (using token pass instead of credentials).

PS_Automate supports Incognito mode for Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge, with Microsoft Edge being the default browser when a browser name is not specified or supported.

The utility uses an INI file for all input and operational behavior. By using multiple INI files, the same utility can automate behavior to a wide range of authentication scenarios.

The PS_Automate utility, as well as INI files for Amazon Web Services, Azure, Office 365, and Google, are made available when enhanced session auditing is enabled in Password Safe. The files are deployed by the session proxy when a session is created in Password Safe.

PS_Automate is a utility for Windows only. It is not supported on macOS.


The usage syntax for the PS_Automate utility is as follows:

Web Applications

ps_automate.exe [ini=path to inifile][TargetURL=url] [BrowserName=name of browser]

Windows Applications

ps_automate.exe [ini=path to inifile]

For testing purposes the utility also excepts username and password on the command line: [username=username] [password=password]. However, this is not recommended for production use, as command line parameters can be written to Windows logs, such as the event log.

ps_automate.exe ini="BIWebApp.ini" TargetURL="https://localhost/WebConsole/index.html#!/dashboard" BrowserName="chrome"
ps_automate.exe ini= "C:\automate\AWSWebApp.ini" TargetURL="" BrowserName="firefox"
ps_automate.exe ini="MSWebApp.ini" TargetURL=""BrowserName="msedge"
ps_automate.exe ini="ssms_database.ini"