Password Safe Getting Started Guide

This document is designed to help you understand the flow of a typical Password Safe implementation and to get you started with using Password Safe by walking you through common use case examples.

Password Safe is your privileged access management solution to ensure your resources are protected from insider threats. It combines privileged password and session management to discover, manage, and audit all privileged credential activity.

Password Safe creates and secures privileged accounts through automated password management, encryption, secure storage of credentials, and a sealed operating system.This is designed to save you time and reduce the risk of human error.

Password Safe's random password generator algorithm does not use any common phrases or dictionary words as inputs or in its generation. It selects each password character randomly from the list of allowable characters, numerals, and symbols to build the password.

More specifically, you can use Password Safe to accomplish the following:

  1. Scan, identify, and profile all assets for automated Password Safe management, ensuring no credentials are left unmanaged.
  2. Control privileged user accounts, applications, SSH keys, cloud admin accounts, RPA accounts, and more.
  3. Use adaptive access control for automated evaluation of just-in-time context for authorization access requests.
  4. Monitor and record live sessions in real time and pause or terminate suspicious sessions.
  5. Enable a searchable audit trail for compliance and forensics, and achieve complete control and accountability over privileged accounts.
  6. Restrict access to critical systems, including assets and applications, keeping them safe from potential inside threat risks.