DR Primary Sites Scenario 2 - Loss of the Admin U-Series Appliance

DR Primary Sites Scenario 2 - Loss of the Admin U-Series Appliance

Administrative procedures such as configuring Smart Rules, permissions, and onboarding systems, accounts, and users are performed using the BeyondInsight user interface.

There can only be one node running the BeyondInsight interface at one time due to potential contention between more than one Manager Service.

U-Series Appliances have multiple roles that may be configured at any time. If a U-Series Appliance running the Admin role fails, or is brought offline, an alternate U-Series Appliance may be configured with the Admin role. We recommend, as in the above diagram, to have a secondary node of similar specification that the Admin role can be switched over to.

Loss of a node running an Admin role does not affect the operation of any other U-Series Appliance, including worker nodes, or Analytics & Reporting nodes.

Smart Rule operations are executed by nodes running the Admin role, thus auto-onboarding, and other Smart Rule actions are affected if no Admin node is available; however, any scheduled password changes that have already been added to the central database queue continue to be serviced by the worker nodes, and any end user-based request operations are unaffected.