Manage Resource Brokers

From the Brokers grid on the Resource Zones page, you can check the health status for your resource brokers. Each of the services for a specific resource broker checks into Password Safe Cloud independently with a heartbeat every 5 minutes. You can also unregister and delete resource brokers from this page.

  1. From the left menu in BeyondInsight, click Configuration.
  2. Under Privileged Access Management Agents, click Resource Zones.
  3. Click Brokers.

Unhealthy Status Indicator for a Resource Broker

  1. Look at the Status column for the resource broker to view its health status. A red warning symbol appears if one of the services misses two heartbeat intervals (hasn't checked in for 10 minutes). A green check mark displays if all of the services for that broker have checked in as healthy.


View Details Option for a Resouce Broker

  1. To view the details for the services on a specific broker, select the resource broker, click the More Options (vertical ellipsis) button, and then click View Details.


Broker Service Details Window

  1. You can review the version, the time the service last updated, and the health status for each service on the broker.


Unregister a Resource Broker

  1. To delete a resource broker, you must manually uninstall it from the system where it was installed. This automatically unregisters the resource broker from the zone. To remove it from the Resource Zones page, click the More Options (vertical ellipsis) button for the broker, click Unregister Resource Broker, and then click Delete on the confirmation message that appears.