Smart Rule Managed Accounts

GET SmartRules/{smartRuleID}/ManagedAccounts


Returns a list of managed accounts by Smart Rule ID.

Required Permissions

Read access to the Smart Rule.

URL Parameters

smartRuleID: ID of the Smart Rule.

Request Body


Response Body

Content-Type: application/json

        ManagedAccountID : int,
        ManagedSystemID : int,
        DomainName : string,
        AccountName : string,
        DistinguishedName : string,
        PasswordFallbackFlag : bool,
        LoginAccountFlag : bool,
        Description : string,
        PasswordRuleID : int,
        ApiEnabled : bool,
        ReleaseNotificationEmail : string,
        ChangeServicesFlag : bool,
        RestartServicesFlag : bool,
        ChangeTasksFlag : bool,
        ReleaseDuration : int,
        MaxReleaseDuration : int,
        ISAReleaseDuration : int,
        MaxConcurrentRequests : int,

        AutoManagementFlag : bool,
        DSSAutoManagementFlag : bool,
        CheckPasswordFlag : bool,
        ResetPasswordOnMismatchFlag : bool,
        ChangePasswordAfterAnyReleaseFlag : bool,
        ChangeFrequencyType : string,
        ChangeFrequencyDays : int,
        ChangeTime : string,

        ParentAccountID : int, // can be null
        IsSubscribedAccount : bool,
        LastChangeDat e: datetime, // can be null
        NextChangeDate : datetime, // can be null
        IsChanging : bool,
        ChangeState : int,
        UseOwnCredentials : bool,
        ChangeIISAppPoolFlag : bool,
        RestartIISAppPoolFlag : bool,
        WorkgroupID : int // can be null


Response Body Details

  • DomainName: The domain name for a domain-type account.
  • AccountName: The name of the account.
  • DistinguishedName: The distinguished name of an LDAP managed account.
  • PasswordFallbackFlag: True if failed DSS authentication can fall back to password authentication, otherwise false.
  • LoginAccountFlag: True if the account should use the managed system login account for SSH sessions, otherwise false.
  • Description: A description of the account.
  • PasswordRuleID: ID of the password rule assigned to this managed account.
  • ApiEnabled: True if the account can be requested through the API, otherwise false.
  • ReleaseNotificationEmail: Email address used for notification emails related to this managed account.
  • ChangeServicesFlag: True if services run as this user should be updated with the new password after a password change, otherwise false.
  • RestartServicesFlag: True if services should be restarted after the run as password is changed (ChangeServicesFlag), otherwise false.
  • ChangeTasksFlag: True if scheduled tasks run as this user should be updated with the new password after a password change, otherwise false.
  • ReleaseDuration: (minutes: 1-525600) Default release duration.
  • MaxReleaseDuration: (minutes: 1-525600) Default maximum release duration.
  • ISAReleaseDuration: (minutes: 1-525600) Default Information Systems Administrator (ISA) release duration.
  • MaxConcurrentRequests: (0-999, 0 means unlimited) Maximum number of concurrent password requests for this account.
  • AutoManagementFlag: True if password auto-management is enabled, otherwise false.
    • DSSAutoManagementFlag: True if DSS key auto-management is enabled, otherwise false.
    • CheckPasswordFlag: True to enable password testing, otherwise false.
    • ChangePasswordAfterAnyReleaseFlag: True to change passwords on release of a request, otherwise false.
    • ResetPasswordOnMismatchFlag: True to queue a password change when scheduled password test fails, otherwise false.
    • ChangeFrequencyType: The change frequency for scheduled password changes:
      • first: Changes scheduled for the first day of the month.
      • last: Changes scheduled for the last day of the month.
      • xdays: Changes scheduled every x days (ChangeFrequencyDays).
    • ChangeFrequencyDays: (days: 1-999) When ChangeFrequencyType is xdays, password changes take place this configured number of days.
    • ChangeTime: (24hr format: 00:00-23:59) UTC time of day scheduled password changes take place.
  • ParentAccountID: If this is a subscribed account (IsSubscribedAccount), this is the ID of the parent managed account.
  • IsSubscribedAccount: True if the account is a synced or subscribed account, otherwise false.
  • LastChangeDate: The date and time of the last password change.
  • NextChangeDate: The date and time of the next scheduled password change.
  • IsChanging: True if the account credentials are in the process of changing, otherwise false.
  • ChangeState: The change state of the account credentials:
    • 0: Idle / No change taking place or scheduled within 5 minutes.
    • 1: Changing / Managed Account Credential currently changing.
    • 2: Queued / Managed Account Credential is queued to change or scheduled to change within 5 minutes.
  • WorkgroupID: ID of the assigned Workgroup.

For more information, please see Configure Subscriber Accounts.

Response Codes

200 - Request successful. Managed Accounts in the response body.

For more information, please see Common Response Codes.