ISA Sessions

The ISASessions endpoint is for Information Systems Administrator (ISA) role access.

For more information on Requestor and Requestor/Approver role access, please see the following:

POST ISASessions


Creates a new Information Systems Administrator (ISA) release request and returns the requested session.

Similar to POST Requests and POST Sessions in a single call.

Required Roles

  • ISA role to managed account referenced by ID.

Request Body

Content-Type: application/json

    SessionType : string,
    SystemID: int,
    AccountID: int,
    DurationMinutes : int, // can be null
    ApplicationID: int, // can be null
    Reason : string

Request Body Details

  • SessionType: (required) The type of session to create.
  • SystemID: (required) ID of the managed system to request.
  • AccountID: (required) ID of the managed account to request.
  • DurationMinutes: (optional) The request duration (in minutes). If omitted, uses the value ManagedAccount.ISAReleaseDuration.
  • ApplicationID: (required when AccessType = App or AccessType = AppFile) ID of the application to request.
  • Reason: (optional) The reason for the request.

Response Body (SSH or sshticket)

Content-Type: application/json

    ID : string,
    Ticket : string,
    Host : string,
    Port : string,
    TicketAtHost : string,
    Link : string,
    Command : string

Response Body (RDP or rdpticket)

Content-Type: application/json

    ID : string, 
    Ticket : string, 
    Host : string, 
    Port : string

Response Body (rdpfile or appfile)

RDP file as an attachment.

Response Codes

201- Request successful. Session details or RDP file in the response body.

For more information, please see Common Response Codes.