ISA Requests

The ISARequests endpoint is for Information Systems Administrator (ISA) role access.

For Requestor and Requestor/Approver role access see POST Requests at Requests.

POST ISARequests

Creates a new Information Systems Administrator (ISA) release request and returns the requested credentials.

Similar to POST Requests (AccessType=View) and GET Credentials in a single call.

ISA Role to Managed Account referenced by ID

  • type: (optional, default: password) Type of credentials to retrieve.
    • password: Returns the password in the response body.
    • dsskey: Returns the DSS private key in the response body.

      The key will be returned in the state in which it was set. For example, an encrypted key will be returned encrypted.

    • passphrase: Returns the dss key passphrase in the response body.

      Only supported for encrypted DSS keys.

Content-Type: application/json

    SystemID: int,
    AccountID: int,
    DurationMinutes: int, // can be null
    Reason: string
  • SystemID: (required) ID of the Managed System to request.
  • AccountID: (required) ID of the Managed Account to request.
  • DurationMinutes: (optional) The request duration (in minutes). If omitted, uses the value ManagedAccount.ISAReleaseDuration.
  • Reason: (optional) The reason for the request.
    Credentials: string

201 - Request successful. Credentials in the response body.

For more information, please see Common Response Codes.