Configure API Access

When using the Password Safe API, the group where the users are assigned must permit access to the API. Additionally, any managed accounts that must be accessible by the API must also be configured.

Configure Group with API Access

A BeyondInsight user has API access if at least one of the user groups they belong to has API access enabled.

  1. Navigate to Configuration > Role Based Access > User Management.
  1. From the Groups tab, click the vertical ellipsis for the group.
  2. Select View Group Details.
  3. Under Group Details, select API Registrations.
  4. Select the API registrations for the group.

Enable API Setting for Managed Account

You must turn on API access for a Password Safe managed account to be accessible to the API methods.

  1. Navigate to the Managed Accounts page.
  2. Click the vertical ellipsis for a managed account, and then select Edit Account.

Enable API for a Managed Account in Password Safe

  1. Scroll down and expand Account Settings.
  2. Click the toggle to turn on the API Enabled option.
  3. Click Update Account.