Manage Recorded Sessions

View Recorded Sessions

The following users can view recorded sessions:

  • Administrators
  • Users with the Auditor role
  • Users with the Recorded Session Reviewer role
  • Users with the ISA role


  1. From the left navigation, click Menu, and then click Replay under Password Safe.

    Replay a recorded session.

  2. Click All, RDP, or SSH to find the recording.
  3. Select a recorded session.
  4. A thumbnail is displayed with session details. Click Open.


Play Session Recording

  1. Click Play to review the recording. You can hover over any part of the video progress bar to reveal the time stamp and click anywhere on the bar to select an instance in the recorded session.
  2. Check Mark as Reviewed for easy tracking of reviewed sessions.
  3. Add comments as needed, and then click Save & Close. The comments are displayed with the session thumbnail.

Use Keystroke Search

To find sessions containing keystrokes:

Use search functionality to view keystrokes that were logged in a session.

  1. Check Search by keystrokes , and then enter a word or phrase in the field provided.
  2. Click Search. If the word or phrase was logged, the sessions containing those keystrokes are displayed.

Export a Session Frame

You can select a screen shot from a recorded session and export to a JPEG file. The file exports to a resolution of 1024 x 768. This feature is available only for recorded RDP and SSH sessions. Snap shots can be taken while the recording is paused or in play mode.

Export a frame from a recorded session using a snaphot.

Click the Snapshot button.

The JPEG file is automatically saved to your default download location specified in your browser settings.

A notification is displayed when the export is complete.

Archive Recorded Sessions

Archive recorded session on U-Series Appliance.

You can archive recorded sessions. Archive settings are configured on the U-Series Appliance.


Parameters can be configured to allow auto-archiving of any recorded sessions older than a specific number of days.

For more information, refer to the U-Series Appliance User Guide.

View and Restore Archived Sessions

Once a session has been recorded, you can retrieve it from the Replay Sessions window. 

  1. Open the session by clicking Open
  2. Once the viewer opens, click Archive Session.
  3. Select the archived session.
  4. Click Restore Session to restore the session.