BeyondInsight installation guide

This guide provides instructions and procedures for installing your BeyondInsight software.

Two software components comprise the solution: BeyondInsight management console and BeyondTrust Discovery Scanner. Analytics & Reporting is a supplementary configuration launched from the console and does not require a separate installer. Having a conceptual understanding of BeyondInsight's architecture is valuable before installing and configuring the components.

BeyondInsight is the industry’s most innovative, comprehensive privileged access management platform that maximizes visibility, simplifies deployment, automates tasks, improves security, and reduces privilege-related risks.

BeyondInsight sends scan requests to the Discovery Scanner, which is the engine that performs all discovery scans on your network. It can run as standalone software, but when paired with BeyondInsight, scan results are sent securely to the management console to populate the SQL Server database.

Analytics & Reporting is an additional web-based interface that provides comprehensive analytical tools and that creates reports from collective scan data. It facilitates trending and delta reports, anomaly detection, regulatory compliance, and prioritization.

By default, the scanner is installed as a standalone component that does not initially recognize the console. You will configure the scanner to receive scan job requests from BeyondInsight and send completed scan results back securely.

This guide assumes familiarity with Microsoft Server and SQL Server 2016 and later versions.

The Web Policy Editor (WPE) is not installed out of the box with BeyondInsight. Please contact your BeyondTrust representative for assistance with installing the WPE and its associated WPE service in your BeyondInsight environment.