BeyondInsight Analytics & Reporting

BeyondInsight contains a data warehouse solution with business intelligence and analytics. This module extracts data from the BeyondInsight database and then processes the data in Microsoft SQL Server Integration and Analysis Services. You can browse these cubes in BeyondInsight, Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, or using tools such as Microsoft Excel.

Using BeyondInsight, you can:

  • Run reports on your assets, Password Safe, Endpoint Privilege Management, or data from the BeyondInsight management console.
  • Subscribe to reports on a schedule for automatic delivery to a network file share or through email.
  • Save report views to easily reuse a report with predefined parameters.
  • Create report snapshots to save static views of report data.
  • Interactively explore data and create and save custom reports with a pivot grid.

Report Categories

  • Account
  • Asset
  • Attack
  • Clarity
  • Configuration
  • Console Reports
  • Endpoint Privilege Management
  • Licensing
  • Organizational
  • Password Safe
  • PowerBroker Identity Services
  • PowerBroker for Sudo
  • PowerBroker for Unix & Linux
  • Saved Report Views
  • Scan
Some report categories are visible only if certain product licenses are present or if certain permissions have been set in the management console. Administrators can view all reports.