UVMSQL Setup Worksheet

UVMSQL Machine Name

Each UVMSQL Appliance requires a unique name using Microsoft naming standard.

UVMSQL Appliance Name: ________________________________________________________________________________

Domain Admin Credentials

Each UVMSQL Appliance must be joined to an Active Directory domain. Please make a note of the credentials used to make this connection.

Username: __________________________________________ Password: _________________________________________

Organizational Unit (OU) Name

The OU name is the location where the UVMSQL Appliance will exist in Active Directory as a part of the clustering process.

Organizational Unit Name: _________________________________________________________________________________

Security Group for UVMSQL Appliances

The security group for all UVMSQL Appliances to be added to during AOAG configuration. This group must be created in the OU.

Server Security Group Name: ______________________________________________________________________________

Security Group for Service Account

This group is used to give the Group Managed Service Account local administrator permissions on the UVMSQL Appliance. The security group must be created in the OU.

Service Account Security Group Name: ______________________________________________________________________

Group Managed Service Account (gMSA)

This account is used during the AOAG configuration process. The associated Windows services on the UVMSQL Appliance will continue to run under this account. The Server Security Group must be given permission to retrieve the password of the gMSA. The gMSA must to be a member of the Service Account Security Group.

Username: _____________________________________________________________________________________________

Name and Static IP for Windows Cluster

Every cluster has an endpoint consisting of a name and an IP address.

Cluster Name: ________________________________________ Cluster IP: _________________________________________

Listener Name and Static IP Address for Each Availability Group

Listener Name: ________________________________________ Listener IP: _______________________________________