U-Series Appliance Migration

This guide walks you through migrating from Windows 2012 R2 or 2016 U-Series Appliance to 2022 virtual or marketplace U-Series Appliance.

Physical U-Series Appliances cannot be updated to Windows 2022. You must purchase a new U-Series Appliance.

Prerequisites and Assumptions

  • Source U-Series Appliance is Windows 2012 R2 or 2016.
  • Target U-Series Appliance is Windows 2022.
  • Only one U-Series Appliance is running at a time.
  • The target appliance is named the same as the source appliance when deployed.
  • U-Series Appliance Management software is 3.3.1 or later on the source and target appliances.
  • BeyondInsight is a supported version on the source and target appliances.
  • If BeyondInsight Analytics & Reporting is configured on the source appliance, this must be configured on the target appliance prior to restoring the data from the source to the target appliance.
  • The process documented in this guide applies only to new U-Series Appliances.
  • No data is kept on the target U-Series Appliance prior to migration.

The process documented in this guide applies only if the U-Series Appliance Management Software is version 3.3.1 or later. If your appliance does not have U-Series Appliance Management software 3.3.1 or later installed, please contact BeyondTrust Technical Support for assistance.

High Level Overview

The migration consists of the following general steps:

  • Back up and copy necessary data on the source U-Series Appliance.
  • Deploy the U-Series Appliance image to create the new machine.
  • Configure and prepare the target appliance to accept data from the source.
  • Restore and copy necessary data from the source to the target appliance.
  • Perform post migration configuration and verify the migration success.
  • Downtime is necessary.
  • For an active / active setup, the U-Series Appliance can be removed from the pool before migration and re-added after migration is complete. This prevents downtime for the end user.
  • Windows Server 2022 U-Series Appliances can be deployed side by side.
  • When deploying a new machine with the same name as the previous, if both are on at the same time, DNS issues can occur.