Get Started with Your U-Series Appliance


This guide is intended for experienced network security administrators who want to start using a U-Series Appliance in their network to assist with protecting their organization's computing assets. U-Series is a self-contained physical or virtual appliance that contains the operating system, the database, the BeyondTrust BeyondInsight platform, and the BeyondTrust Password Safe solution. This guide provides the necessary details to assist you in getting familiar with your appliance and getting it deployed and set up for use in your network or cloud environment.

The U-Series v20 is the virtual version of the U-Series 20 appliance and is available for VM Ware and Microsoft Hyper V hypervisors for local hosting, and also for AWS and Azure cloud marketplaces.

Both physical and virtual appliances can be deployed in your network as standalone systems or configured for high availability with or without redundancy.

High Level Deployment and Configuration Steps For U-Series Appliances

Getting started with your appliance involves an initial setup to prepare your appliance for access from a web browser in your network. Once you have completed the initial setup of your U-Series Appliance, you must run the U-Series Appliance Deployment & Configuration Wizard to complete the deployment of the appliance in your environment. High level deployment and configuration steps are outlined below.

Initial Setup to Prepare your appliance for First Time Access

  • Power on the physical appliance, or download and import the virtual appliance, or launch a cloud instance
  • Obtain the pre-assigned IP Address or configure a new IP address for the appliance so you can access it from a web browser

Run the U-Series Appliance Deployment & Configuration Wizard

  • License Windows
  • Create an Admin account
  • Name the appliance
  • Configure networking settings such as, IP settings, internet connection, time zone, and SMTP
  • Configure your appliance for its intended use by licensing your BeyondTrust solutions, selecting a solution, selecting features for the system, setting up how to receive updates from BeyondTrust

Detailed instructions for each of the above steps are covered in subsequent sections of this guide.