Run an Instance for the Amazon U-Series Appliance Deployment

Log on to the AWS MarketPlace, and search for BeyondTrust or BeyondInsight.

1-Click Launch

  1. On the BeyondTrust marketplace website, click Continue.
  2. Click the 1-Click Launch tab.
  3. Configure the following settings if you want to use the 1-Click Launch option.

Version setting

    • Version


Region setting

    • Region


EC2 Instance Type setting

    • EC2 Instance Type: m4.2xlarge or m4.4xlarge


    • VPC settings

Security Group setting

    • Security Group: Select the default BeyondTrust security group.


    • Select the Key Pair
  1. Click Launch 1-Click Launch.

Manual Launch

  1. On the BeyondTrust marketplace website, click Continue.
  2. Click Manual Launch.
  3. The U-Series Appliance version is selected by default.
  4. Select the region and then click Launch with EC2 Console.

For more information on how to run an AMI instance, please see Launching an Instance Using the Launch Instance Wizard .

Configure Firewall and AWS Security Groups

When you run the instance, be sure to configure the AWS firewall. When you initially run the instance, the 3389 port is open to all IP addresses. Change the firewall settings to reflect your IP address only. For security purposes, limit Internet exposure to only your IP address.

Additionally, you can create an AWS security group that provides similar security protection as the firewall settings.

For more information, please see Security Groups for Your VPC.

Retrieve a Windows Password

You must retrieve a Windows password through the Amazon Marketplace website. Amazon assigns a random default password to the administrator account.

You must know the key pair to retrieve a password. The key pair was created when you created the AWS account.

You need this password when you run through the U-Series Appliance Configuration Wizard.

Select Get Windows Password from the pop-up menu

Right-click the instance and select Get Windows Password.


For more information, please see How do I retrieve my Windows administrator password after launching an instance?.

VPN Access

We recommend you use a VPN connection when you use your U-Series Appliance instance or access your assets.

For more information, please see What Is Amazon VPC?.