AD Bridge Services and Status

The AD Bridge Service Manager lets you troubleshoot all the AD Bridge services from a single command-line utility. You can, for example, check the status of the services and start or stop them. The service manager is the preferred method for restarting a service because it automatically identifies a service's dependencies and restarts them in the right order.

To list the status of the services, run the following command with superuser privileges at the command line:

/opt/pbis/bin/lwsm list
[root@cent64b62 ~]# /opt/pbis/bin/lwsm list
lwreg          running        (container: 4241)
dcerpc         stopped
eventfwd       running        (container: 4436)
eventlog       running        (container: 4300)
gpagent        running        (container: 4351)
lsass          running        (container: 4335)
lwio           running        (container: 4319)
lwpkcs11       stopped
lwsc           stopped
netlogon       running        (container: 4310)
rdr            running        (io: 4319)
reapsysl       running        (container: 4400)
usermonitor    running        (container: 4447)

To restart the lsass service, run the following command with superuser privileges:

/opt/pbis/bin/lwsm restart lsass

To view all the service manager's commands and arguments, execute the following command:

/opt/pbis/bin/lwsm --help