Troubleshoot with the get-status Command

The /opt/pbis/bin/get-status command shows whether the domain or the AD Bridge AD provider is offline. The results of the command include information useful for general troubleshooting.

Here is an example of the information the command returns:
[root@rhel5d bin]# /opt/pbis/bin/get-status
LSA Server Status:
Compiled daemon version:
Packaged product version:
Uptime:        15 days 21 hours 24 minutes 1 seconds

[Authentication provider: lsa-activedirectory-provider]

        Status:        Online
        Mode:          Un-provisioned
        Domain:        EXAMPLE.COM
        Site:          Default-First-Site-Name
        Online check interval:  300 seconds
        [Trusted Domains: 1]

        [Domain: EXAMPLE]

                DNS Domain:
                Netbios name:     EXAMPLE
                Forest name:
                Trustee DNS name: 
                Client site name: Default-First-Site-Name
                Domain SID:       S-1-5-21-3190566242-1409930201-3490955248
                Domain GUID:      71c19eb5-1835-f345-ba15-0595fb5b62e3
                Trust Flags:      [0x000d]
                                  [0x0001 - In forest]
                                  [0x0004 - Tree root]
                                  [0x0008 - Primary]
                Trust type:       Up Level
                Trust Attributes: [0x0000]
                Trust Direction:  Primary Domain
                Trust Mode:       In my forest Trust (MFT)
                Domain flags:     [0x0001]
                                  [0x0001 - Primary]

                [Domain Controller (DC) Information]

                        DC Name:    
                        DC Address: 
                        DC Site:              Default-First-Site-Name
                        DC Flags:             [0x000003fd]
                        DC Is PDC:            yes
                        DC is time server:    yes
                        DC has writeable DS:  yes
                        DC is Global Catalog: yes
                        DC is running KDC:    yes

[Authentication provider: lsa-local-provider]

        Status:        Online
        Mode:          Local system
        Domain:        RHEL5D