Fix the Shell and Home Directory Paths

Symptom: A local directory is in the home directory path and the home directory path does not match the path specified in Active Directory or in /etc/passwd.

Example: /home/local/DOMAIN/USER instead of /home/DOMAIN/USER

The shell might also be different from what is set in Active Directory, for example, /bin/ksh instead of /bin/bash.

Problem: The computer is not in an AD Bridge Cell in Active Directory.

Solution: Make sure the computer is in a AD Bridge Cell.

For more information, please refer to the AD Bridge Administration Guide.

A Default Cell handles mapping for computers that are not in an OU with an associated cell. The Default Cell can contain the mapping information for all your Linux and Unix computers. For instance, a Linux or Unix computer can be a member of an OU that does not have a cell associated with it. In such a case, the home directory and shell settings are obtained from the nearest parent cell or the Default Cell. If there is no parent cell and no Default Cell, the computer will not receive its shell and home directory paths from Active Directory.