Introduction to the AD Bridge Integration Guide

AD Bridge Enterprise joins Unix and Linux computers to Active Directory so that you can centrally manage all your computers from one source, authenticate users with the highly secure Kerberos 5 protocol, control access to resources, and apply group policies to non-Windows computers. The result: vastly simplified account management, improved security, reduced infrastructure costs, streamlined operations, and easier regulatory compliance.

AD Bridge Enterprise provides graphical tools to manage Linux and Unix information in Active Directory. However, it can be useful to access and modify the information programmatically. For this purpose, AD Bridge Enterprise provides scripting objects that can be used by any programming language that supports the Microsoft Common Object Model, or COM. The scripting objects provide dual interfaces that can be used by languages that use COM early binding, such as C++ and C#, and by languages that use Idispatch, such as VBScript and Jscript.

This document describes the AD Bridge Enterprise scripting objects and explains how to use them.