Jan 30 13:48:25 pbishost gpagent: [gpagent] Error at
gpadirectory.c:371. Error code [0x 9d7e] (LW_ERROR_LDAP_NO_SUCH_OBJECT)

This error message is generated by the gpagentd daemon when it checks for new group policy objects online, either for users at logon, or for the computer. This error message can be ignored.


There are certain pieces of data that exist in LDAP to tell a computer (AD Bridge or Windows) what the structure of a Group Policy object is.

When pulling down GPO, the computer must inspect and verify those pieces of data. For example, if a policy is not set in a GPO, that data doesn't exist in the particular GPO. This causes the LW_ERROR_LDAP_NO_SUCH_OBJECT message in AD Bridge.

This error is an "ignore and continue" error. This should be emitted only at VERBOSE logging level in newer versions of AD Bridge.


This error message can be ignored.