gpagent generates User policy errors. You see repeated errors in the log similar to the following:

Jan 1 12:00:00 pbishost gpagent: [gpagent] Error in User policy applicator (Error while contacting domain controller for user domain), error: [0x 9C70](LW_ERROR_GSS_CALL_FAILED)
Jan 1 12:00:00 pbishost gpagent: [gpagent] Failed to apply policy for user [uid:12345678]


User group policy is enabled and the user:

  • Has not logged into the system
  • Has previously logged into the system, but the Kerberos ticket has expired
  • Does not exist


If you do not use User group policy processing, you can disable this through a group policy setting.

For more information, please see the AD Bridge Group Policy Reference Guide.