LSASS Error [code 0x0000000b] The OU format is invalid


The OU format is invalidError

Lsass Error [code 0x0000000b] The OU format is invalid


The issue appears when an INVALID_PARAMETER error occurs and the domain join translates that to an OU error. This could be a license related issue as it uses the same INVALID_PARAMETER error.


Check the lsass logs for the following error:

20210304081807:INFO:lsass:LsaCheckLicense():/builder/src-git/Enterprise/src/linux/lsass-enterprise/server/auth-providers/ad-enterprise-provider/provider-main.c:7713: License check complete, status code: 87, Bits: 0x00000000

If found then try the following:

  • Check the computer object has rights to read the license from the container.
  • Try recreating the license container and importing the license file.