AD Bridge Config Tool Reference Guide

AD Bridge joins Linux and Unix computers to Active Directory so that you can centrally manage all your computers from one source, authenticate users with the highly secure Kerberos protocol, control access to resources, and apply group policies to non-Windows computers.

This guide describes how to manage Unix and Linux computers using the AD Bridge config tool.


The AD Bridge config tool provides policies similar to the GPO policies that can be applied to local Linux and Unix systems. The config tool policies can be set before the system is joined to a domain. If a GPO policy and config tool policy are applied to a target, the GPO policy overrides the config tool policy.

Access the Config Tool

The config tool is located at /opt/pbis/bin/config.

Usage: config [OPTIONS] [COMMAND]

Access Help

/opt/pbis/bin/config --help


Option Description

Display additional information.


Commands Description
SETTING [VALUE] Change SETTING to the given VALUE(s), or the default value if no value is specified.

Display names of all settings.

--show SETTING Display current value(s) of SETTING.
--detail SETTING Display current value(s) and details of SETTING.
--file FILE

Read FILE with each line beginning with a setting name followed by value(s).

Use '.' for reading from stdin.

--dump Dump all settings in a format suitable for use with --file.