Monitor Events with the Operations Dashboard

An image of the AD Bridge Operations Dashboard in the BeyondTrust Management Console.

The AD Bridge Enterprise Operations Dashboard is a management plug-in for the BeyondTrust Management Console. The dashboard runs on a Windows administrative workstation connected to the AD Bridge Enterprise Reporting Database and an Active Directory domain controller.

The dashboard retrieves information from the AD Bridge Enterprise database to display authentication transactions, authorization requests, network events, and other security events on Linux and Unix computers.

Monitoring events such as failed logon attempts and failed sudo attempts can help prevent unauthorized access to commands, applications, and sensitive resources.


The following are some of the events the dashboard can display. You can also create and monitor custom events.

  • All Success Audit Events
  • All System Log Error Events
  • Console Logons (AD or Local)
  • Domain Joins
  • Domain Leaves
  • Failed Console Logons (AD or Local)
  • Failed Group Policy Updates
  • Failed Kerberos Refresh
  • Failed Password Change
  • Failed Root Logons (Local)
  • Failed SSH Logons (AD or Local)
  • Failed Sudo
  • AD Bridge Enterprise Services Failures
  • Network Offline Warning
  • Root Account Logons (Local)
  • SSH Logons (AD or Local)
  • Sudo