Assign a License to a Computer in AD

By default, AD Bridge Enterprise automatically assigns licenses to computers running the AD Bridge Enterprise agent when the computers connect to the domain. If you turn off the default setting, then a computer cannot automatically obtain a license. However, you can manually assign a license using the BeyondTrust Management Console.

To manually assign a license:

  1. In the BeyondTrust Management Console, expand Enterprise Console, and then click License Management.
  2. Right-click the license that you want to assign, and then click Assign License.
  3. In the Select Computer dialog box, click Locations, select the location that contains the computer you want, and then click OK.
  4. In the Enter the object names to select box, type the name of one or more computers. For example, AppSrvSeattle-1.
  5. Separate multiple entries with semicolons. For a list of examples, click examples.

  6. Click Check Names, and then click OK.

To use additional criteria to search for and select computers, click Advanced. Then, to show more information about a computer in the Search results box, click Columns, and add or remove columns.