Run the Database Update Utility

You can run the LDBUpdate utility from the command line or from the BeyondTrust Management Console.

The LDBUpdate utility is a Windows program that reads information from Active Directory and writes it to the AD Bridge Enterprise database so you can generate reports about computers and users in Active Directory. You can run the utility on demand from the BeyondTrust Management Console, or you can configure a scheduled task.

If the information in Active Directory has changed since you last ran the utility and if you want those changes included in your reports, run the utility before you generate your reports.

To access Active Directory, the LDBUpdate utility uses the LDAP and RPC ports.

The Update DB button is enabled only if the update utility is available on the current machine. The AD Bridge Enterprise installer allows you to select whether the utility is installed on a machine.

Ensure the following is in place before you run LDBUpdate:

  • The current user must have privileges to read and write to any table in the Enterprise database.
  • The Windows administrative workstation where you run LDBUpdate must be connected to Active Directory.
  • The user account that runs LDBUpdate must have at least read permission for objects and child objects in Active Directory.

To run LDBUpdate from the console:

  1. In the console tree, click the Audit and Access Reporting node and then click Advanced.

  1. Click Update DB, and then click Run.
  1. Click Close.