AD Bridge 24.1 Supported Platforms

This is a list of operating systems on which the current version of AD Bridge is maintained and receives full support. BeyondTrust provides updates to supported versions as needed to resolve issues with functionality and enhancements.

For more information about the latest release, see the AD Bridge Release Notes.

Unix Systems

Unix Version Architecture Notes
IBM AIX 7.1 TL5 Power 64 Minimum version 7100-05-08-2114
IBM AIX 7.2 TL4 Power 64 Minimum version 7200-04-04-2114
IBM AIX 7.2 TL5 Power 64 Minimum version 7200-05-02-2114
IBM AIX 7.3 Power 64 Minimum version 7300-00-00-0000
Oracle Solaris 11.4 SPARC, x86 64-bit IPS support

Linux Systems

Linux Version Architecture Notes
Amazon Linux 2 aarch64 aarch64 build can be used on AWS Graviton systems
CentOS 7 x86_64, PPC64LE, zOS  
CentOS 8 x86_64, PPC64LE Supports Stream
Debian 10 x86_64  
Debian 11 x86_64  
Debian 12 x86_64  
Oracle Linux 7 x86_64, PPC64LE, zOS UEK supported
Oracle Linux 8 x86_64, PPC64LE UEK supported
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 x86_64, PPC64LE, zOS Little Endian
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 x86_64, PPC64LE Little Endian, fips
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9 x86_64 fips
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 12 SP5 x86_64 nscd not supported
SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15 SP1–SP5 x86_64 nscd not supported.
fips support for SP2 and SP4 only.
Ubuntu 18 x86_64 LTS only
Ubuntu 20 x86_64 LTS only
Ubuntu 22 x86_64 LTS only

Windows Systems

Windows Version Architecture Notes
Windows 10 x86_64 RSAT required
Windows 11 x86_64 RSAT required
Windows Server 2012 x86_64  
Windows Server 2012 R2 x86_64  
Windows Server 2016 x86_64  
Windows Server 2019 x86_64  
Windows Server 2022 x86_64