Use the Configuration Wizard

At the end of the installation, you can start the Configuration wizard to configure Directory Integrated mode, and follow best practices for configurations. The Configuration wizard is designed to simplify AD Bridge deployments. The essential components for a successful deployment can all be set up using the wizard.

You can also choose to run this wizard later from the default install location (see Access the Configuration Wizard).

Use the Configuration wizard to:

  • Set up Directory Integrated Mode and Promote Attributes to Global Catalog
    • Schema Admin rights are required to promote attributes to the global catalog. This does not extend the schema and is reversible.
  • Create Default Cell
    • Create a Default Cell at the root of the domain. Named cells are still supported but cannot be created in the Configuration wizard.
  • Provision Group to Default Cell
    • Provision an Active Directory group to the Default cell. If you do not select an AD group, the Domain Users group is provisioned by default.
  • Create a License Container and Import a License
    • Create a license container at the root of the domain.
    • Import a license file to the license container.
  • Create Default Group Policy object with Specific Group Polices
    • The following Group Policies can be created using the Default Group Policy:
      • Enable audit and forward events to
      • Prepend default domain name to AD users and groups
      • Disable user logon GPO processing

At the end of the wizard, you can launch Cell Manager, BMC, ADUC, and Group Policy Management.

Access the Configuration Wizard

If you haven't used the wizard from the last window of the Windows installer, you can run it from the command line:

C:\Program Files\BeyondTrust\PBIS\Enterprise\ConfigurationWizard.exe