Change to Directory Integrated Mode

Running the configuration wizard indexes frequently searched attributes in the Active Directory global catalog.

  1. Go to the install directory C:\Program Files\BeyondTrust\PBIS\Enterprise.
  2. Run ConfigurationWizard.exe.
  3. On the Promote Attributes page, click Promote Attributes.
  4. After the attributes are promoted, click Finish.

The necessary attributes are updated.

Changes Applied by the Directory Integrated Mode Configuration

The Active Directory schema changes are applied from a set of LDAP Data Interchange Format (LDIF) files. The standard installation places these files in the following directory: \Program Files\BeyondTrust\PBIS\Enterprise\Resources\LDF.

After you raise the domain and forest to 2003 functional levels, the AD Bridge Enterprise domain configuration wizard changes the following attributes, which are required for AD Bridge Enterprise to run in Directory Integrated mode.

Promotes and indexes the following attributes to the global catalog:

  • displayName
  • gidNumber
  • uid
  • uidNumber

Promotes (but does not index) the following attributes to the global catalog:

  • gecos
  • loginShell
  • unixHomeDirectory