Combine Access Management and PAM into One

Thales validates identities and enforces access controls for privileged users logging into the BeyondInsight platform. Meanwhile, BeyondTrust’s PAM provides privileged management features for accounts, passwords and sessions.

Together, Thales SafeNet and BeyondTrust simplify daily security workflows. Dive into this whitepaper to read through the key features of this integration.

Strengthen Your IAM Environment

SafeNet Trusted Access integrates with the BeyondInsight platform—enabling secured scalability in the cloud, simplified compliance and more secure access points.

Scalable Security in the Cloud

Access Management enables you to expand with the confidence you are secure. Protect all cloud apps with centralized policies and a range of authentication methods

Added Security at the Access Point

SafeNet Trusted Access enforces access policies and the appropriate level of authentication to admins accessing the BeyondTrust consoles, protecting from unauthorized access and reducing the risk of a data breach.